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Drum Hollistan Renewables LLP is looking into the feasibility of developing a wind farm on the Sandside Estate near Reay, Caithness. 

Initial feasibility studies realised great potential for wind energy production on the estate and encouraged the business to work on developing a proposal that is both sensitive and appropriate to the local area. 

This website is intended to allow news and information related to the proposal to be communicated between the project development team and the surrounding local communities.  

The area of search for the wind farm proposal is situated in between the coastal villages of Reay and Melvich in the Scottish Highlands.

The site access would be conveniently located off the A836. This location will help ensure that minimal disturbance would be required to the local road network. 

For a more detailed map of the site and it's situation please visit 'Our Proposal' webpage.  


Drum Hollistan Renewables LLP is a partnership comprising members of Scotland’s agricultural sector who have ambitions to help Scotland meet its energy requirements through utilising the country’s abundant wind resource. The Partners aim to develop, build and operate wind energy projects throughout the northeast and north of Scotland, whilst keeping and building strong relationships with local communities. 


The Partners have been involved in a number of successful projects over the past decade. A strong emphasis has been placed on working together with local landowners to deliver the benefits of renewable energy to rural businesses, whilst an effort has also been made to provide an opportunity to local communities to get involved in projects. 


Drum Hollistan Renewables LLP is keen to offer the same opportunities to the local community of Reay and Melvich and believes that the Sandside Estate has great potential to make a significant contribution to Scotland’s renewable energy targets.   



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